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Nomen 31-32 /? - PG-13 - BTVS/SG-1   - Twisting the Hellmouth Lite
We never met a crossover we didn't like!
Nomen 31-32 /? - PG-13 - BTVS/SG-1  
Title: Nomen
Author: VampieGirl
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me! They belong to people with way more money than me.
Author's Notes: Again much thanks to Patience my beta who really is.
Summary: Daniel is kidnapped from his apartment, the only witness is a girl impaled on his wall.

Previous parts Here

I examined the shelves full of books, crystals, phials of varying substances, candles of all shapes and sizes and all manner of unusual objects. I’d hated the ancients for not interfering no matter what; but this callus manipulation was somehow worse. They had fed us only the information that would lead us to the choices that they wanted us to make. Dawn had only become a slayer because she chose to step through the gate to find a weapon, not realising that she was the weapon. How could a race of powerful beings expect a nineteen year old girl to kill her sister to save the world?

Mr Giles had explained that The Powers were less than pleased when the ancients had ascended and therefore placed heavy restrictions on what they could and could not do. In the end the ancients decided to do nothing rather than be manipulated by the powers.

It was becoming clear that the powers and The First were really no better than each other; they both wanted everything for themselves. Mr Giles had told of how a power had tried to take over the world. In reality the only way to save the world was to rectify the balance between the powers and The First, between good and evil.

Maintaining this balance; was the only way to ensure humanities survival, humanities free will.

The council had skilfully rewritten history. Humanities history goes back even further than I had even dreamed. I had been horrified to learn that the plague had been created by the powers to stop people ascending, not the other way round. The powers knew that the only way to hold onto the world was to remake it. The Go’auld were merely footnote in a larger war that had been going on for millennia. As Dawn had said there was a time before; a time before the council began recording and doctoring history. A lot of knowledge from this time has been purposefully forgotten it seems that we have to recover this knowledge in order to save humanity.

I realise that I have been staring at ‘Ancient Egyptian Magical Practices’ without really reading, my mind was still trying to take it all in. “This is the book you want” Mr Giles said handing me a large leather bound book. I examine the book; the leather is worn but in good condition, it has a well-used feel it is clearly very old. I open it and flick through the pages. They are blank. I look up confused.

“It’s a source book, you can ask it to be any book that you need” Mr Giles puts his hand on the book and said “The Journal of Rupert Giles” The pages are filled with small neat cursive handwriting.

“This is your journal” I ask slightly surprised.

“Yes, every watcher is required to keep a journal. It’s how the knowledge is passed along”

“You want me to be Dawn’s watcher”

“You already are” He says tiredly, I get the impression that he really doesn’t want to have to do this, but has no choice. “We have to start again and I hope that this time we’ll get it right.”

“So I’m to help in the redrafting of history and sending teenagers to their death” I snap angrily!

“You are the council now. That’s up to you and Dawn.” Mr Giles said

“Where is Dawn”

“She’s resting. She’s going to need it. You both are”

“Shouldn’t we be getting back?” I ask fearing for my friends.

“There’s no rush, time doesn’t move the same way here. I’m going to check on Dawn. Why don’t you catch up on your reading?”

I sat down at the table in the middle of the room and began to read from Rupert’s journal. As I read about the adventures of him, the slayer and her friends. I realise that he had really loved them like his own children. It was incredible to think that this group of teenagers had been saving the world since their sophomore year in high school. They had faced things not too dissimilar to the things that we had faced; thorough the stargate. Except that they had done this without, the best funds and resources that the US government could provide. They had achieved this between classes and with nothing more than what they had to hand.

I know that we kept the SGC a secret because of the panic it would have cause if the truth was to be revealed. I can’t imagine the panic that would ensue if all this were revealed. Is keeping humanity in the dark the only way for it to survive?

I got up to get some more books, it was fascinating and horrifying to discover what had been erased from history. How the council had been fighting HST’s and keeping it out of the public domain for so long. That, many things that, I had held to be true were in fact nothing but carefully constructed lies. I’d though that when I found out about The Stargate, The Go’auld and The Ancients, were the truth. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. The council had done a thorough job of burying the truth.

I’m feel sure that when we do get back. That one secret or the other is most definitely out, I’m not sure even the SGC will be able to cover this up. That is if we manage to defeat The First.

A noise caught my attention. I look over towards the door at the back of the shop. It is slightly ajar. I go over and push it open. Dawn and Rupert are engaged in a sparing session.

“I thought that you were resting?”

“I was, but you’ve been hitting the books for hours” Dawn said as she hit one of the pad’s in Rupert’s hand hard enough to make me wince.

“Maybe you should blow off some steam,” Rupert said handing me the padding that he’d been using.

“ooh goodie fresh meat!” Dawn said cheerfully as she swung her quarter staff around. I’d trained a few times with Teal’c so I thought I knew what to expect but Dawn was very strong and fast.

It was all horribly familiar. Trapped and fighting for my life against things that simply wouldn’t die. Cheyenne Mountain had been overwhelmed; within minutes the demons and the possessed slayers had taken over the top levels of the mountain. This wasn’t like when I was with the Initiative! Then the scoobies had been riding high after the combination spell: Buffy was a force to be reckoned with especially when she was pissed off. This time there were no scoobies and Buffy was still pissed off and we were going to have to fight against her.

The blast doors shuddered and creaked - they would give way soon. Most of the non-essential personnel had been evacuated through the gate. We had lost Angel and Major Jefferson when we re-took the control room.

Major Carter had stumbled back into the gate room with something called a naquada generator. How she had escaped the massacre in the control room I didn’t know? From the look in her eyes I didn’t want to. Colonel O’Neill and Teal’c were not with her and I doubt they had survived.

The second wave of demons would arrive as soon as night fell which was only an hour away. I couldn’t shake this feeling that we’d created our own trap. The First had only attacked when we were all gathered together. If it hadn’t been for Maria, Willow would have wiped us out, just like she had done to the people in the control room.

Willow had swept into the gate control room slaughtering everyone. Maria’s wards had only lasted long enough for us to get Dawn and Daniel through the gate. Illyria had ripped Willow to shreds, and this had bought us enough time to arm ourselves and come up with a plan.

The plan was simple: hold the demons off until Dawn and Daniel got back. If they don’t, then hit the self-destruct which had something to do with overloading the naquada generator, some sort of very big bomb. Like most down-to-the-wire apocalypses, I don’t expect to survive.

Spike was prowling and growling, looking like a caged animal. It was Illyria’s unnatural stillness that was more unnerving. I knew that they wanted to be out there, fighting, but holding the gate room was too important.

Xander was huddled in the corner clutching the book with the anti-magic spell in. Dawn had written it out phonetically so someone who did not read Sumerian could cast it. I know that the spell is keeping the magic users away, but it will not keep the demons and the slayers away.

With a final screech of tearing metal the blast doors were ripped open. I backed up towards the stargate as the mixture of demons and possessed slayers swarmed into the room.
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